The Yayo Daporta restaurant opened in 2005 in a historic building in “Rua Hospital”. The restaurant has been awarded with a Michelin star since 2008 and with two suns Repsol since 2015.

We define our kitchen as updated Galician cuisine. We always start with the best products in the market, paying special attention to seafood and seasonal fish, to which we apply the most appropriate cooking techniques without losing sight of tradition accompanyied with the wines of our area.

We want our kitchen identify our situation, our origin, Cambados, and then pass it on to our customer thru the dishes.



The cellar is open to the public, please enter and pick your wine. If you are looking for advise Esther is always happy to help.

In the cellar you can find a selection of Spanish wines from different areas in Spain as well as selected interdnational ones, with special attention to the best Galician wineries.